Guide to southern Skåne (Söderslätt, sydkusten)

The southwestern part of Skåne is usually called Söderslätt, and below, I’ll include some nice places on the southern coast as well. Drive south from Malmö and you will find lots of places of interest where you can have a cup of coffee or a meal, or maybe pick your own berries?

Hallongården, Bodarp
(pick your own berries, café, store)
Hallongården, which translates to the raspberry farm, is a family farm located in a small village not too far from the main road to Malmö. In season, you can pick your own raspberries or buy buckets of them in the store. They also have a café, don’t miss the waffles in the wintertime. There are also tons of products from their own production (most starring the raspberry of course) and other local producers. You can sit outside in their garden with your fika (coffee and cake) and also play with the resident goats.
Hallongården website

Ängavallen, Vellinge
(café, restaurant, hotel, farm store)
Ängavallen is mostly known for its ”happy pigs”. They pride themselves on their organic farming and mainly serve organic, self grown products in the restaurant and café. The farm houses and hotel grounds are beautiful with lots of animals such as sheep nearby. You can buy their products at the store at the entrance to the compound. We’ve stayed at the hotel as well and it was a very pleasant experience, including the excellent breakfast.
Ängavallen website 



231 91 Trelleborg, Sverige

231 69 Skegrie, Sverige

Ängavallensväg 17-9, 235 91 Vellinge, Sverige

231 94 Trelleborg, Sverige