Guide to Österlen (eastern Skåne)

273 92 Skåne Tranås, Sverige

Österlenvägen 86, 270 21 Glemmingebro, Sverige

273 57 Brösarp, Sverige

276 56 Hammenhög, Sverige

Karakåsvägen 45, 277 35 Kivik, Sverige

Eastern Skåne (Österlen)

  • Kiviks musteri, Kivik
    (factory store, café, restaurant)

    Kiviks musteri is on the Eastern coast of Skåne (Österlen) and is famous for its apple fields and apple factory. It’s a big place with both a café and a restaurant as well as a show garden and exhibitions all about apples. The food is excellent and if you like their products, you can buy them in the expansive store next door or in grocery stores around Skåne.
    Kiviks musteri website
  • Österlenchoklad, Skåne-Tranås
    (factory store)
    If you’re interested in small-scale, quality chocolate, Österlenchoklad is the place for you. It’s a small chocolate factory in a village called Skåne-Tranås. The chocolate is made even better by adding local products such as calvados or lavender. Indulge in the tasty sweets and have a look through the window at the chocolate being made.
    Österlen chocolate factory website
  • Alunbrukets kaffestuga, Alunbruket
    (café, historic site)
    This coffee house is located in a small village, so pretty you’ll think you’ve wandered into a movie set! The garden is a great place to have afternoon coffee with all homemade treats. A word of warning: if you visit on a sunny day and arrive late in the afternoon, they might be sold out of some of the goodies. They bake everything fresh for the day so when it’s gone, it’s gone! But the trip to the middle of nowhere is definitely worth it, both for the coffee but also the surroundings. A short walk away is the old alum production site which is also the name of the village.
    Alunbrukets kaffestuga website
  • Gunnarshögs gård, Hammenhög
    (factory store, café)
    The Gunnarshög family farm is well known for its cold pressed rapeseed oil. They have a nice café where you can have lunch or coffee, as well as a well assorted factory store. I love the organic rapeseed oil and use it daily so I buy the big bottles. In May, when the rapeseed fields are in their beautiful mostly yellow bloom, there is usually a rapeseed fiesta with guided tours of the farm and factory.
    Gunnarshögs gård website
  • Olof Viktors, Glemmingebro
    (café, bakery)
    Olof Viktors is a café and bakery located on an old farm pretty close to Ystad. It is run by the Swedish master baker and chocolatier Jan Hedh and the quality of the baked goods is excellent. There are also sandwiches and salads, making it a nice albeit pricey place to have lunch or coffee either indoors or in the courtyard or garden. In the bakery, you can also buy ice-cream, bread, jams and other products, all very tasty.
    Olof Viktors website